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Our Approach

At Kids Planet we are incredibly focussed on children’s interests being at the heart of everything we do. Our mission statement ,“working together to inspire your world”, was born out of this belief.

Our goal is to ensure our children are happy, engaged and thriving within their environment. When planning our provision we spend time planning what we are including and what we want our children to achieve.

Over the life span of Kids Planet, we continuously reflect and adapt our practice. Being at the helm of the highest quality Early Years provision, we see trends, changes in government policy, in Ofsted focus’ and this can heavily influence settings in our sector regarding how they approach learning and development. At times, this can negatively impact the sector and create a dissatisfied undercurrent within the Early Years Sector. However at Kids Planet, we approach all of these adaptations as a challenge, enabling us to reflect and continuously adapt our approach and practice. This feeds down through all of our team members and is a key factor to how we train our exceptional practitioners.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to Early Years. And, as such we empower our teams to use their creativity, initiative and to continuously research how to better ourselves as practitioners. Children do not fit into a box of specific interests, topics or ideal resources. Therefore it is vital to train teams to be confident and to be aware of all approaches, creating a blended vision that touch on a range of pedagogies. Authentic resources, open ended items, natural beauty, curiosity and exploratory provision; these are not new concepts. They are and always have been interwoven through our provision and complimented with enhancements from our most valuable assets, our practitioners. Our vision is to enable our teams to identify these strengths and to not feel that we must do something a certain way. As such we continually adapt our practice, challenging ourselves as a company. Confidence in an Outstanding Ofsted grading is wonderful, but to be truly outstanding, you do not stand still and this is how we continue to out do ourselves, achieving time and time again.

When you walk into a Kids Planet trained setting, you know. You see it, you feel it. Children are engaged and challenged. A role play area has been enhanced using real items and real clothing, creating magical experiences. Large scale open ended items are dispersed throughout construction spaces enabling children to construct the Eiffel Tower or simply a wall. The fabrics, the texture, the sensory experiences are embedded and threaded throughout all areas.

Our team are present. Our team know when to appropriately scaffold learning through play. Their interactions support and extend learning. The children’s next steps are embedded in our teams minds as they continuously look at how to challenge their key children through spontaneous, child initiated play. Our teams are empowered to continuously reflect individual environments; looking at which spaces the children enjoy playing in and where is not so popular. This enables them to reflect on the why. A Kids Planet mantra that our teams will be familiar with is “what are we doing and why.” Our management teams use this question to challenge and empower our staff to continuously reflect on the provision, enhancements, activities and dialogue.

The Kids Planet Group itself is a blended entity. We have purpose built settings, converted buildings, and many acquisitions. With each new setting, come new ideas, concepts and key strengths from new team members. Through training with Kids Planet you will develop and enhance the key understanding of reflective practice, drawing on the strengths and opportunities within Early Years. This will empower your teams to challenge themselves, to open their eyes to the inspiring world of Early Years practice and the endless possibilities.



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