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Men in Childcare

Information about our Men in Childcare bid:

Men are extremely poorly represented in the Early Years education workforce, making up just 3% of the total nationally and the same proportion within Kids Planet. The lack of men is both a symptom and cause of gender inequality: looking after educating young children should be a job for everyone, not just women – and we believe we should be modelling this clearly to the children and families in out care.

But why are men underrepresented in childcare?

  • Gender based stereotypes play a part in reinforcing ideas that women are ‘naturally better’ at caregiving and that men who work in nurseries must be gay
  • Low pay and status
  • Lack of access to information about Early Years careers and opportunities

To counter these, we’re delighted to be working with GMCA and MITEY to prepare for, recruit and support a cohort of 12 men through our in-house Early Years (Level 2) Apprenticeship across our 52 Kids Planet settings.  We want to recruit men across Greater Manchester who fit into two particular groups:

  • Career- changers, including men who have lost their jobs or changed their working pattern or aspirations during the Covid -19 crisis
  • School leavers

Our 12 male apprentices will work in pairs in six settings, with opportunities for male- only networking and mutual support via group training under the supervision of Jason Holmes a Tutor/Assessor at Kids Planet Training Academy who takes on the lead role of recruiting, retaining and training the 12 male apprentices.

Men in childcare

Our nurseries involved in the MIC bid:

We are currently recruiting for our first intake of male Apprentices. If you would like to know more, about this exciting project, please get in touch with Jason on:



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